Premier Stainless Steel Cookware - Idly Maker (With 4 Plates)

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  • No.of Plates : 4 Plates
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Brand : Premier

  Premier Stainless Steel Cookware - Idly Maker (With 4 Plates)

Idly Plates are made of high quality Stainless Steel and the idly stand is an ideal cookware for any kitchen to cook soft and fluffy idlys.

"Premier Stainless Steel Cookware - Idly Maker (With 4 Plates) Premier Stainless Steel Cookware combine high-grade stainless steel with superior design features that ensure faster and more efficient and more elegant cooking options. Stringent quality control and conformation to product specifications ensure cookware that matches international standards not just in quality but also in design. The size, shape and beauty of the stainless steel medium allow for many attractive cookware options that combine to make Premier Stainless Steel Cookware with look and style that meet the demands of the millennium. Premier Stainless Steel 6 Plate Idly Maker To make authentic idlys, one needs the idly stand. This idly stand has four round tiers, 10 inches in diameter. Each tier has four concave depressions where the idly batter is poured. The trays are stacked and secured through a center rod, then placed in its covered pot with just enough boiling water to keep the bottom tray dry."

Key Features
No.of Plates No.of Plates : 4 Plates
Material Material : Stainless Steel
Brand Brand : Premier

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